Ample parking near the castle can accommodate a large number of vehicles and guests

The Castle

Castle located in Buronzo in an excellent strategic, easily accessible location

In the heart of the “Water Lands” known for the excellence of their rice, with the Alps in the background close by and the charm of the unique landscape of the Baraggia Vercellese, Buronzo is a town of about 900 inhabitants in the province of Vercelli. It is located in a strategic position in the plain at the foot of the Alps, equidistant from the cities of Milan and Turin, which are quickly and conveniently connected by the A4 motorway (about 1 hour), via the Balocco and Carisio exits.

From Buronzo, it is easy to get to major tourist areas such as Valsesia, the Novara and Biella valleys, Maggiore and Orta lakes to the north and Monferrato to the south, which is just over an hour away via Vercelli.

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