Seven unmissable sights

We cannot express the charm and richness of the inspiration offered by the castle in words. You simply have to go there to it experience it for yourselves, even if only for a few hours, and unravel the ancient and modern story of the relationship between an extraordinary architectural complex and the land surrounding it. It’s up to you to choose the time, place and approach, however we recommend the seven must-visit sights.

  • One. The walk up via Castello: medieval on one side, Baroque on the other, with cobbles and the sound of footsteps leading to the centre. Stroll through 600 years of history with the rural atmosphere of old Piedmont.
  • Two. The fortress: the elegance of Gothic two-light windows and the charm of the fourteenth-century Moorish ceramics. Don’t miss the fourteenth-century facade of the fortress, with the sky and the branches of the walnut tree behind the windows.
  • Three. The companies: allegorical frescoes? Rebus? Mysterious images? You decide when visiting the Baroque heart of the castle: a string of sun-filled halls, painted wooden ceilings and the enigmas of a decorative cycle that conceals a thousand hidden meanings.
  • Four. The Alps seen from the loggia: where is Oropa? That one’s Rosa! And where is the Monviso? It’s perfectly normal to find yourself gawping open-mouthed at the mountain scenery, especially after a summer storm or on a clear winter morning. Framed by the seventeenth-century arches of the loggia, the magnificent view stretches from behind the rice fields and the Serra di Ivrea.
  • Five. The town: leaving the restored castle, take a short walk to the town, and meander through the unexpected corners and cobbled streets to discover the six other castles, to appreciate the extraordinary richness of the consortium as a whole.
  • Six. La Pietà by Giuseppe Giovenone: a figure by one the best sixteenth-century artists from Vercelli. It stands out at the back the baroque aisle of Sant’Abbondio church, providing an unexpected and beautiful treat for the eyes. It offers a slice of the Renaissance in the shadow of the castle.
  • Seven. You can tell us at the end of your visit. We’re sure you’ll have plenty of ideas.