The “imprese” apartment

The seventeenth century saw the creation of the noble apartment, home to the “Imprese” fresco cycle. We do not know the name of the painter whose hand gave life to the decorative fascias. The result of scholarship between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the “imprese” (literally, businesses), or emblems, consist of a figurative part (the “body”) and a written part (the ”soul”), the combination of which expresses allegorical meanings in a more or less direct manner. Is it hard to decipher them? It’s just matter of training… The motto by the radiant sun translates as “the terror of the dishonest.” God, the sun of power and justice, inspires fear in those who do evil, as in the emblematic story of Adam, who “tried to hide from the divine face” after committing the original sin. Easy, right? And now it’s up to you, in the castle.