Castello di Buronzo

Un luogo da sogno per i tuoi eventi

The castle and its flavours 2016

  Saturday 17 September 2016: returning for the fifth year, the event “Il Castello e i suoi sapori” (The Castle and its Flavours) will  a variety of initiatives focused on excellence of the Eastern Piedmont territory take place around Buronzo consortium castle (VC). Starting at 14:00, the old town of Buronzo will come alive thanks…

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Where time has stood still

      As part of the “Incontri al castello” (Encounters at the castle) exhibit, which saw many opportunities for entertainment at the castle this year linked by the common thread of regional culture, on Sunday 16 October at 16:30 the focus will be on the traditions, stories and charm of our land of Baraggia,…

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Yes, travel from Buronzo on the “cammino eusebiano”

On Sunday 3 July 2016, the first part of the cycle “Incontri al castello” (Meetings at the castle) will come to an end. This year, the halls of castle Buronzo saw a number of interesting cultural events unfold, focusing on specific aspects of the history of the consortium complex and the area that surrounds it.…

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