7 castles of Buronzo: the consortium castle

In our view, the minds, heart and hands of children, young people and teachers should retain traces of their experience in Buronzo consortium castle. The basic element for all the activities proposed is the castle visit, and entrance is free for schools, which only have to pay for the cost of their chosen workshop. Listening and observation, supported by images, documents and objects, enable us to develop the theme of the workshop, which always involves a creative and practical element. For us, “getting our hands dirty” by building and experimenting (and why not? sometimes by playing too) is a great way of listening to the stories that the walls of the castle have to tell, in order to better understand the extraordinary complexity of a site that encapsulates the culture of an entire region. By finding the right dimension for exchanging ideas, building together, seeing with new eyes and avoiding clichés, the reality that surrounds becomes the goal we want to achieve. Some of the activities offered have been created from suggestions by users and their teachers, and often ad hoc proposals are agreed on to meet educational needs or respond better to the demands of the teaching plan.